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It was only today, this feeling had begun,
He is not immature, nor is he mean,
For he, a best friend is just like the sun,
Eternally there, even though he's unseen,

Looking into his deep, amazing, blue eyes,
Her secrets, she knows he will keep,
Between the two, there will never be lies,
In his arms, she could just fall asleep,

In the summertime, under the night, starry sky,
They look up and tell tales of their past,
They laugh, joke together and they even cry,
It's these memories that she wants to last,

She dreams of their future, perfect and pure,
Deep down inside, he dreams of the same,
She's looking for something, yet she is unsure,
It's not royalty nor is it fame,

He's always sad, and yet he hides it well,
Unaware of this, she makes him smile,
Everything here, is what she wants to tell,
Wants all their moments to be worthwhile,

To her, he is perfect, she would not change a thing,
And she wonders what he thinks about,
But she does not know what the future will bring,
But they'll always be friends, that's no doubt,

There's more to this girl than what meets the eye,
Loves the poetry to her that he writes,
She sits here and wonders, and she loves to try,
To make her poems come out just right,

Outside he sits, loves and admires the rain,
Wants someone special to share these days with,
He thinks about everything, releases his pain,
He thinks true love is nothing but a myth,

She's happy they're friends, like she said before,
And hopefully that's how it will stay,
Maybe one day in the futrue, they will be more,
But, you see, this feeling will not go away . . .
I placed this poem under emotional mostly because to me, that's what it is. However, I know that a lot of other people can relate, so those are the one's who will find it emotional as well. This is about some guy that I met, became best friends with, eventually became more, and now we barely talk. I wrote this while we were still best friends . . . enjoy
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November 9, 2003
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